Wednesday, September 13, 2006 step at a time

Our contractor for the home improvement project came by tonight with a sample of the deck flooring and with the plans for the driveway drainage system. Woo hoo! Although he only brought the tan floor sample and wants us to choose it...I don't call that a choice. Tomorrow he drops off the grey. We nixed the faux redwood and the pale beige, but I'd like to see the grey. Its what we have now, the foundation of the house is grey, and it flows nicely. I'm not sure about the introduction of a third color into the palette.

The good news is he thinks he'll have his guys here next week (although he told us that 10 days ago about this week...) and it should take them 3 days to frame the deck. The race is on...will they still be here when TPTBNL arrives? Let's hope not. I'll be one cranky petoot if they keep me up during those scant moments when Li'l Junior sleeps. If Mama ain't happy ain't no one happy. They'd best remember that.

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