Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Play Day

So today is a play day for the Morans. We're off to the Kittery outlets to sniff out bargains, particularly at the Bass Outlet. For whatever reason, I have recently heard its siren call and must respond. Tim took the day off and Rose is also available, so we shall sally forth after the dryer repair guy comes this morning.

I have gotten the green light to engage a financial planner! Very exciting. I've wanted to do this for a while (OK, years) and was inspired by Lori. I would like to attempt living on one income and saving the other. Draconian, yes. But think of the peace of mind.

Rose is doing fantastically well at daycare. She's getting great care, is very happy at the end of the day, has taken some enormous naps and has even begun to *fill her britches* there. Ah yes, its all worth the price.

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