Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mid-February Already!

Sorry for the lack of presence lately! I can't rationalize it other than being lazy as hell. And the midwinter-nothing-new-really-happening syndrome.

Rose continues to grow like a cute little weed. Tim, Rose and I braved the nasty winter weather on Wednesday to go to her 4 month appointment and she did fabulously well. Height/lengthwise, she's at the 90% percentile and her other features are at the 75th. I'm so hoping she has those nice long, lean Moran genes rather than the McLaughlin thighs I sport around.

Tomorrow I'm meeting the ladies for tea at the new TajBoston, which used to be the Ritz. The sale of the Ritz rocked the city - have you read the Trumpet of the Swan? Ever gone to the swanboats? Any of the traditional Boston action always included the Ritz, so it was a sad event. I guess everything has its price but that one was a shocker.

How exciting that its already mid February! That does mean that spring is coming. Once the flower show opens then you know those crocuses are just around the corner. Last year the deer ate our crocuses after one day so hopefully the beasts will not be back. I've neglected our garden for the past two years so am really looking forward to de-shabifying it this season. And to planting a new strain of hydrangea that allegedly blooms twice a summer. Awesome! We're also going to plant a Rose of Sharon in Rose's honor to watch it grow along with her. Cute.

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