Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today is one of those postcard perfect sky, puffy white clouds, comfy temperatures. Aaaah, the joys of summer. We celebrated by meeting my sister, Libby, and her son, Sam, at Logan as they arrived to spend a few days on the Cape. Libby thought she'd need a hand corralling Sam, hauling suitcases & a stroller and getting whatever else together that she'd need en route to the rental car office. So we went in and spent a lovely hour or so at Logan. Libby and Rose had yet to meet in person, so it was a great opportunity.

We returned home to feed the girlfriend and then ventured out to do a couple of errands, which included picking up 5 lavender plants for the front yard. We have a space where a big oak tree used to be that is currently home to 5 lavenders, and they are getting 5 new neighbors. Its going to look and better yet smell awesome.

I recently returned from a wicked awesome long weekend across the pond in jolly old London. It was great to get away and be just me for a little while. I slept like a rock and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I was amazed that a) I had no jet lag either way and b) I didn't feel a wince of guilt all weekend. Woo hoo! If you've never been, please go. If you have been, please return. It is the most fabulous of cities. Close second for me is Washington DC and/or San Francisco.

My pal Jimmie invited me to Royal Ascot which was the reason for the jaunt. It was a hoot. Here are some you know, Ascot is all about the attire.


Anonymous said...

Having you here for a visit made Ascot that much more fun. Thanks to you (and to Tim and Rose) for making the trip.

Unknown said...

Wow -- we made the blog, even before mention of Ascot! I'm honored! Thanks for meeting us at Logan! Sam is STILL obsessed with the Hess firetruck and repeats, "Rose, Rose, Rose..."


PS Love the hot pink hat!
PPS Bern saw the pictures and said, "Wow! Colleen looks GREAT!"