Thursday, September 06, 2007

Checking In

My apologies to my reader that there has been a dearth of entries of late. Don't ask me what I've been doing instead because I couldn't even begin to tell you....and that's not being mysterious or evasive, its just being truthful. Our days consist of work and then spending a little time with Rose and then spending a little time with each other. And the Red Sox...always the Red Sox. However it could be some horrendo activity instead so I really should just quit the griping.

Rose is growing like crazy and is on all table food which is so great. The only drawback is that she is now just about walking independently so she gets SO tired by the end of the day that she doesn't want to put a lot of energy into eating. So she doesn't eat enough and is waking up overnight again. Rats! My new obsession is baby friendly protein and getting a decent amount into her before she goes to bed. Tonight she ate TWO yo-baby yogurts and some cheese, some crackers and some puffs. And probably some other stuff too but I don't remember what else. She really has quite a smorgasbord offered to her every day and she eats well, just not enough at night. But we will prevail!

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