Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey Y'all

So as you can tell, not too much new is shakin' around here. And I'm thinking no news is good news.

We're desperately trying to wrap up those last dangling items on our home improvement project. I called the builder and warped the truth a bit to get our going-upstairs railing installed, and then politely nagged him to get the electrician to come and put in an outlet and rewire a light fixture/switch. On the landscaper issue...I took that one into my own hands and called the guy our neighbors use to mow their lawn to give us a price on dirt & grass seed since the builder was nowhere on that one. I also respectfully reminded said builder abotu 10 days ago that we were supposed to get a price for a fence on the side of the house and from the siding guy to do a couple of more little spots -- "...oh yeah, let me check on that...." Must be still checking. I might ask the landscaper if he can do the fence. The builder has actually done a beautiful job but our challenge all along has been getting on and then staying on his radar. In the grand scheme, we're a small job to him but it feels a huge project to us.

I've taken to wearing some reading glasses. You know, those sort of matronly ones you see at gift stores that are supposed to make visually challenged middle aged and beyond women look funky. I have my coke bottle glasses that scream late '80s, my polka dot funkies and two other very questionable ones. And the fact of the matter is, they help so much that I don't really care how ridiculous I look. Hey baby, my magnification is +1.25....what's yours?

At this point, we have no plans for the Fourth of July weekend. I'm kinda surprised its here already. I'm sure we'll be doing lots of splashing in Rose's ankle pool and that we'll find something or other to occupy our time quite nicely. Maybe a late afternoon beach visit? Love that.

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Unknown said...

Reading glasses? I guess I'll be next, except that I don't live in Reading, so maybe that will help my vision hold out a lil' longer. We shall see....