Sunday, March 26, 2006

On the Computer

So Max has taken to snoozing on the laptop when the screen is opened up. He lends a whole new dimension to the term "on the computer". I'm still behind the 8 ball on transferring photos from my phone to the computer, so no photo of Maxwell yet. Gotta get crankin' on that one. It was one of my resolutions for 2006 and here we are Marching into April already and I haven't done squat about it.

Is anyone out there as huge fans of the Bud Light Real Men of Genius ad campaign as Tim & I are? I find them so hilarious. If you are, click here. Unfortunately the one for Mr. Boneless Buffalo Wing Inventor hasn't been posted yet. I laughed out loud while alone at that one.

Max is fascinated that I'm typing on his snooze spot and has walked across & crouched on the keyboard twice in the past minute. I guess he wants to say hi. Now he is sitting with his back to me as I moved him off twice, and he's not all that pleased.

I have some feng shui moving in the career department. I moved my "office" from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs bedroom, which puts the whole writing thing much more in my face than being closed away in a cold room upstairs. I hope that helps me move things forward in my quest for a job with meaning that I like. It doesn't sound like such a tall order when I write it down, but man, it sure is hard to figure out and find. I wonder if I put too much pressure on myself for the "with meaning" part instead of just doing something that I like. I think that slows my thought process. Doesn't all work have meaning? Why do I feel like I have to be doing something or working somewhere that is oh-so-important (like a hospital or any non-profit) instead of some company that makes pretty things that make people happy? That has its own meaning. I think part of me needs to take a big chill.

PS something is chewing the top of the rails on the our neighbors' split rail fence. Its kinda comical and makes me grateful that our fence is non-chewable chain link.

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insaknitty said...

I can't wait for boneless buffalo wing inventor either! :) I hoped this site would have it, but no...
I hope you find a job you love! I'm in search of that same thing as well. seems rather elusive, doesn't it?