Sunday, March 12, 2006


Ah...the signs of spring. Singing birds, greening gardens, that clean woodsy smell in the air. And basketball. So much basketball! In addition to the NCAA tournament, we're now tied to the the ACC tournament as the good ol' BC Eagles vie for the title in their first year in the Conference. Its quite exciting. I've become a sports fan (yes, its true) due to osmosis. Tim loves many sports, but college hoops is either tied with the Red Sox or might even edge out the boys of summer as the big favorite. So now that I'm converted, I can't wait to see the championship game against Duke this afternoon. However, I have to go to a wedding shower at the exact same time. We all know how showers are, and to have this incredible conflict is just the icing on the cake (you know, the inevitable cake you get as a reward for watching the bride-to-be open every last wineglass). Can I drop off the gift, say hello and then feign a migraine? The temptation is there...

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