Saturday, April 22, 2006

Of Teeth, Flowers and Home Improvement

Our poor little kitty, Max, had his teeth cleaned yesterday and ended up having his two big fangs yanked because they were falling out. Good dental care is important for all tooth-ed creatures! And dry food is important for those who don't or won't brush. Apparently he had mostly wet food until we got him, so it all caught up to him. I felt so bad dropping him off at the vet. Every time he's ever left his home in a cat carrier he has gone only to the vet, so between getting shots, being fixed, being declawed and being detoothed he really isn't too happy to see that carrier come out. Not to mention the time we wrenched him from the only home he'd ever known to bring him here. That was traumatic for him but he is much happier here so score one for the cat carrier. He's currently hiding because I'm sure his mouth is very sore. I hope we see him soon. And more trauma lies in the form of shoving a pill down his throat, which ought to make us even more unpopular. And I can't really blame him.

The good news about yesterday is that I had the day off and raked out all the flower beds in the front yard. It looks so good! Our house looks best in the springtime and this year is no exception. I planted a bunch of tulips and daffodils last fall and they are so cheerful. Speaking of our house, we're going forward with our plans to do some revamping work -- new, wider front stairs so we can put pumpkins and flower pots out there, an overhang over the front entrance as a little shelter from the elements when trying to open the door, a new driveway that will drain into the yard instead of the garage, and a new deck with a pergola out back! The builder thinks it should all be done by the middle of the summer, which is very exciting. The only holdup could be ye olde conservation commission, as the house is close to a little stream. I'm crossing my fingers on that one. It will be nice to have all that done before Baby X arrives in the fall. Not to mention that it will be nice to come in out of the winter weather with the bambino and not have him/her get rained/snowed upon.

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Baby X? Bambino? Are congratulations in order?!