Sunday, May 07, 2006

May-day for my computer

So remember when I wrote that Max was enjoying being "on the computer"? Well, he has logged his last entry and launched his final program. I went to turn on my beloved laptop earlier this week and got a very scary message. (Black screen, orange letters) Take me to your serviceman. And then you couldn't turn the computer off. That message has burned a hole in my retina. So, MBL is currently at CompUSA for a spa treatment. They can definitely retrieve the data (yay!) but aren't sure if they can return the computer to usability. Gasp! I'm walking on eggshells. How can the two of us possibly get by on one laptop? It would be like the pioneers and their covered wagons.

We are moving forward with the home improvement process! The building permit has been submitted and of course takes 30 days because its a small town. Boston takes 48 hours, but here is highly trafficked and overworked Reading, it takes 30 days. Discuss. However, the builder said once that is all set he'll dig right in, so to speak. I do need at least a day's notice so I can move some plants that will otherwise be sacrificed to the project. I have become sentimentally attached to lots of these babies that we've planted and watched grow into really nice flowers, and the thought of Mike Mulligan's steam shovel tearing them apart is a bit hard to take.

OK, my current favorite TV ad: Jimmy Fallon's Pepsi ad. Does anyone know who the woman is in it? I've seen it 100 times already and we're just into the baseball season, and I still laugh every time.

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