Saturday, July 29, 2006


We went to Manhattan last weekend for Tim's birthday. I'm so glad - he's always wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and we did! We even found it by subway, which made me very proud of us (he looks a lot like his brother, Mike, in this photo but its really Tim). The views from the bridge are just amazing. A highly recommended activity should you ever get the chance.

Other highlights included a very lovely lunch at the cafe at St. Bart's Cathedral on Park Avenue. Another very highly recommended spot. We dined al fresco amid a few raindrops, and I understand that the party moves inside for the colder months. We also tracked down Moby's little tearoom, Teany, in the lower East Side. The tea was really good (90+ varieties!) but the service was surly and the teapots were chipped. And Moby wasn't there, nor did they have any of his music playing at the time. Not really worth tracking down. However, should you want a fix, bottled Teany iced tea is available at Whole Foods in the city. Our last recommendation is Havana in the Village. Cuban food at pretty much its very best. We stayed at the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington, which was a very welcome oasis.

We had a great getaway, but you know the old east, travel west, after all home is best.

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