Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching up

Wow, I really need to be more disciplined in updating this site! Luckily I have a couple of good snippets right now...first of all, the scorecard. Max is now up to 2 mice, 6 chipmunks, 4 snakes and 5 frogs. And he ate three of the frogs. Apparently, they taste like chicken. He is such a sweet little guy...its scary to know that within that cute little exterior truly beats the heart of a killer. And it does. He's actually lurking in the backyard right now, but between the heat and his reputation there isn't much around to hunt. Or catch. (Editor's note: during the course of this writing he has caught but not snacked on another frog thanks to Tim's heroics. Make that 6.)

On a brighter note, on Sunday we went to the wonderful wedding of my wonderful bookgroup pal, Karen. Karen and Chris met a long, long time ago and have a really special connection. The ceremony was on the lawn by a small grove of trees at the Sherborn Inn, and was followed by a very lovely brunch. Karen's sister, Chrissy, was the justice of the peace for the day, and the ceremony was beautiful. Very personalized. Right down to editing one of Maya Angelou's poems to better suit the tone. Other readings were from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, Garrison Keillor and the Apache blessing. A lovely medley. A lovely day.

We're off to the Big Apple this weekend to celebrate Tim's birthday. We're staying at the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington, and when I called today to confirm our reservation the very warm and helpful lady upgraded us to a junior suite for no good reason at all other than she and I had a very nice conversation. Suite! We're taking Amtrak to the big cit-ay so won't have to worry about anything more than how grungy the bathrooms are and whether they run out of decent snacks in the club car.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, say...Happy Birthday to the Timster!

Hope y'all have a grand time in the Big Apple!

And, yes, you really do need to be more disciplined about updating. :)