Friday, November 17, 2006

Little Bits

So while we adjust to having Rose as part of our happy little trio of Tim, Maxwell and I, its nice to see that there are snippets of our old life surfacing every now and then. Like last night. Tim stopped at Barnes & Noble on his way home (good!) and brought me a present (better!). Its the current Rolling Stone with Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert on the cover (best!). We heartily enjoy both of them, as does most of America I imagine.

Rose had her first photo shoot today. OK, so it was at Target, but it was still a photo shoot. She did remarkably well and is so cute. Once the pictures arrive, I'll post one here for all to admire.

So one of the first days that we were home with Rose, Ellen DeGeneres had a hip-hop guy on her show. His name is Chingy. Unexplicably, that has become our nickname for Rose. Its kinda catchy and she doesn't seem to mind. I think she thinks it gives her cred.

Progress on our deck project has screeched to a halt. Its literally been a month since the team has been here to do any work on it. Aggravating. Just freakin' finish it for the lovvagawd. We have approval from the Conservation Commission to do the front entrance project, but I fear that they'll start that and never finish it either and we'll be stuck hiking through snow & darkness with Chingy in tow to the back door for the whole f-in winter. I will not be a happy camper, needless to say.

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Anonymous said...

Devin and I spent many an afternoon watching Ellen together. I miss those times!

I'll try to patiently await photos of Miss Rose, but y'all need to get that digital camera thing goin'! Instant gratification.

I'm glad you guys are doing well. We think about you all the time. And we've been telling The Hammer all about his new little cousin.