Monday, May 28, 2007


So Tim & I have a friend, Lyn. Lyn is probably 43 years old and is a widow. Her husband of 15 years died about 5 years ago from cirrhosis of the liver. It couldn't have been an easy life together. He was from England, they met during her junior year abroad. They married after she graduated from college and then moved to California so he could try his hand at screenwriting. After a good number of years and some success, they decided to move to Boston as it was a city they both loved. They ended up buying a fixer-upper in Wakefield, then he got really sick.

So after Lyn helped him through the end of his life, she took some time for herself and then decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a parent. Lulu, her adopted baby girl from Guatemala, was matched with Lyn in the fall and they spent Christmas together. Lyn got the amazing news that Lulu was ready to come home in February. So back to Guatemala she went, and then brought Lulu home. Tim was given the honor of being Lulu's male role model in the adoption process. Lyn asked him as we see Lyn weekly at church and she's seen how well he interacts with the kids. In addition, Tim was also given the honor of being Lulu's godfather. The baptism was yesterday and I just couldn't have been happier or more proud of Lyn. What an amazing person. She has experienced more in her 43 years than most by far, and she is just so very happy to be Lulu's mom. Yay and lots of love and best wishes for a truly happy life together to both of them!

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