Tuesday, October 16, 2007

House Work

Hopefully I'll get back to updating this site more frequently than once a month. Hopefully.

Work continues on the house. The driveway has been torn up, re-engineered and has 1 coat of asphalt on it. The final coat comes when all the other work has been done so there won't be any marks from the big trucks. From this fancy new driveway setup, we should never have another drop of water in the garage again unless we choose to put it there. That's kinda nice.

The steps have been torn out and are in the process of being rebuilt. All of the siding is coming off to be replaced with vinyl that looks like shingles. However, in the process of removing the outer layer it has been discovered that the underlayer is pretty rotted due to the poor design of the previous set of steps. Good thing we're doing this project now - it really could have been much worse if it was discovered Lordy only knows when.

The new shingles will be a lovely shade of yellow. I'm thinking of black shutters, white trim and perhaps an eggplant colored front door. Any other suggestions?

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