Monday, May 12, 2008

PG Tips

Last summer I had the incredibly good fortune to cross the pond for a lovely visit with my ex-pat pal Jimmie. Among my wonderful experiences were the highly potent teas which are sipped in England. Way more flavor and way more kick than what is served State-side. My favorite turned out to be Harrod's English Breakfast #14, which I brought home for Tim. As any reader here knows, he's a bit of a tea fanatic. So although I hadn't actually tasted H's EB#14, I thought it would be a nice chance to sample a taste of British tea. And it is SO good! Good enough that I asked friends to bring home as much as they could possibly transport for $50. And they had so many packages that they could only carry $30 worth. In the meantime, during the sad, sad gap when the first stash was finished and the new stuff arrived, I discovered PG Tips in the international aisle of just about every grocery store around. All I can say is Get thee to a grocery and try it/them!! So flavorful, so potent, so smooth going down. Cheers!

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Unknown said...

Good one! I'll check it out ASAP!