Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mrs Kravitz Lives On!

So, we used to joke about our former neighbor, Elaine, who lived across the street. She'd lived in the house for over 50 years and knew everything there was to know about the neighborhood, the town, who used to live where, what houses were going for etc. She knew her profile and referred to herself as Mrs. Kravitz. She was also very handy because she worked nights so would be around to watch out for weird things happening during the day. Like the time Tim forgot to close the front door when he went to work and there were Rocky & Adrienne staring at Elaine when she got home at 8am. She called the police who did a walk through to make sure we hadn't been burgled (which we hadn't) and then let me know about it when I got home.

Elaine has gone condo and now we have a regular old family living across the street: Mom, Dad, two late teenage boys and a 13 year old girl. Its very different - they come and go at all hours, they're doing a ton of work on the house, and they use the front door rather than the one inside the garage so we see them all the time. Something over there is always catching my eye (or Rose's!) so we can't help but check out what they are doing on a regular basis. Mrs. Kravitz has her rightful replacement(s).

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