Saturday, January 07, 2006

Build a Better Blogger

I've been far less present in this blog than I had anticipated when I first dreamed up this idea in the first place. New Year's Resolution #3: Be a better blogger. NYR #1 = Lose weight. Sigh. NYR #2 = Go to more yard sales this year. I like this one. I can do that!

Today was the semi-official casing of the kitchen to see if it really made sense to put in more cabinets and countertops. Our semi-official consultant: Tim's brother in law, Joe. Joe is a medaled veteran of multiple DIY home remodels, so we figured who better to give us the honest truth. After much discussion and flailing about of tapemeasures and flashlights, the grand decision is to buy a moveable mini-island (isle? atoll?) that will provide more counterspace on a daily basis and can be pressed into service to provide surface where we need it when we need it. Sounds good to me. Now I can't wait for the Sunday paper to arrive with all those ads. We can comparison shop until every last cow comes home. Love that!

I had paralysis at work this week. There is a lot going on big-picture with the future of the hospital as well as some infighting at the most senior levels and a partial/almost full return of the mania on the part of my boss. He's convinced we're going to be inundated by union organizers at every turn, and to be perfectly honest all of this drama sucks ths life out of me. It's very difficult to concentrate on daily tasks and keep upbeat when there is all this other stuff swimming around all the time. I keep telling myself there has to be a better way. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Seriously. The food writing is wonderful but I think it will be a bit before I can live off it. Considering I haven't received my first $50 check yet.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, an island! How exciting! You're so lucky to have that massive kitchen. Ours is 10x10. So tiny. Ain't no island gonna fit in that one. :)

As for job advice, I have zip. I wish I did. I honestly have had so many different ones over the years and have yet to l-o-v-e where I work. I've found the most happiness since I started freelancing and didn't have anything invested in the office politics. But still, there are people and situations at every job that drive me batty. I hope you're able to find a way to deal with it while you pursue your food-writing dream! Hang in there!