Sunday, January 22, 2006


This week has been all about upgrades...

Nice new cutting board (the second one down) because the old one is falling apart. I really wanted to get the one that Giada De Laurentiis uses on Everyday Italian, but its $225! No freakin' way.

Swanky new window treatments to go with the swanky new guest room (thank you again WalMart, and also to AC Moore for 1" wide purple grosgrain ribbon and some of that iron on stuff that makes it look like things are sewed into place). It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Tim got a new lamp for the office to replace the one that you can turn on/off only by unplugging.

He also got some fancy titanium scissors that will probably cut through rocks if you give them a try. His old ones are going to work with him.

Still on the search for a moveable kitchen island as the previous lovely one is discontinued. Rats! We were en route to the Crate & Barrel outlet store yesterday when we screeched to a halt to go to an estate sale in a lovely older home in a lovely section of town. Nice house tour and we got a few treasures. I missed out on a nice pair of olive green candles that were twisted like rope. I HAD THEM IN MY HAND and put them down. THE biggest mistake of yard sale/estate/flea market shopping, and I know it. Its an amateur move, and I did it anyway. Sold right under my nose for a buck. Why is it we mourn the one that got away rather than celebrating the many we have? Anyway, we got to the outlet, they were having a furniture sale and they had one perfect island. $399 on the website, $179 at the sale. The only problem? It had a SOLD sticker on it. If we hadn't gone to the freakin' estate sale we would have had a chance at it. We coulda been contenders... Another one that got away. I feel that there is an island out there with our names on it. We just need to find it. It's probably at a bus stop somewhere right next to my perfect job and that pair of jeans that will make me look svelte from any angle.

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