Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today is the Day!

Today is the day my lovely article was published in the Boston Globe! It was quite a thrill. However, its such a little item that it wasn't published on the web. So, I give you the article (please note that some of the flourishes were edited out, but here's what I submitted):

Shhhhh…the secret to memorable baked goods is a quality vanilla. Intensify that flavor and what do you get? An amazingly fragrant and luscious taste that is sure to have people asking ‘what’s in there’? The clever folks at Penzey’s Spices have come up with Double Strength Vanilla Extract, which is created by adding two times the amount of premium Madagascar seed pods to a traditional preparation ($13.49 for a 4 ounce bottle, $39.95 for 16 ounces). Measured by half-portions, you have an aromatic whisper to enhance to your batter. Used in the full amount that any old recipe calls for, your previously hushed undertones start to make some noise. Either way, this is not plain vanilla. And you only have to spill the beans if you want to.

Available at Penzey’s Spices, 1293 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington (781) 646-7707 or online at

There is also a photo of a bottle of said product. All in all, a very satisfying Wednesday.

Note: any and all recommendations/suggestions for interesting products are more than welcome. So far the editor's comments from other ideas include "silicone is overrated", "that's too craft show for us", "we don't do Trader Joe's". She has been encouraging to keep up the suggestions, but this freelance gig is hard work. Good thing I haven't quit my day job. I think this whole venture has been good for my sanity and perspective on the freakshow where I work.


BooMo said...


Vanilla is my favorite flavor.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! Congrats!

They don't do Trader Joe's? Hmmm. What does that mean exactly?

I'll let ya know if I have any ideas to send your way.

Anonymous said...

Vanilla, yes, completely underrated! Glad you're in print!