Saturday, February 11, 2006

Clear and Calm

Tomorrow brings snow, and its unclear how much. The news stations have stopped predicting amounts, which brings out my cynical side. Yesterday it was 8-12" in our area, now they're zipping their lips. I wonder if its all going to go wide and hit the ocean instead of land. That's fine by me. I'm not a huge snow fan (although its pretty at first), and I really hate that stage when it just looks grey and dirty. Bring on spring!

We went to a fabulous Olympics opening ceremony party last night chez Gemma and David. Outside was the Olympic flag, some skis parked in the bushes and a pair of skates slung from the plant hook. Upon entrance you had to go to the processing center, where David took your photo for the all-access pass that allowed you into the rest of the event. Then Gemma bestowed an official US team pin. All snacks had a related name: Kwan Kwab Dip (kwab = crab -- I didn't figure that out on my own, sad to say. I'm not my sharpest on Friday nights), Tomba Trifle, Tara Lipinsky Pigs in Blankets, Cor-Ohno beer, Torino Vino, Czeck Mix, and other delectables. We brought Kwan Give It Up and Let Someone Under Age 65 and Who Earned a Spot on the Team Try for a Gold Medal Party Dip. Later on was an Olympic trivia contest, with correct answers earning gold medals. Now I know why the Skeleton is called the Skeleton: the first sleds for the sport resembled, you guessed it, skeletons! The background entertainment was of course the opening ceremonies. A number of women in attendance are going to shop EBay for the mountain dresses worn by the country sign carriers.

I much enjoyed the Grammy ceremonies earlier this week. Madonna was great, U2 was great, Ellen DeGeneres was great. Lots of big entertainment this week - Superbowl, Grammies, Olympics. Its a TV watcher's paradise. I am glad we don't have Tivo because all I would do is watch, watch, watch including a guilty pleasure: the first 15 minutes of Regis & Kelly. Did everyone enjoy the Leonard Nimoy ad for Aleve as much as I did?

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