Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Almost Groundhog Day

I know its been a very, very warm January so why am I still freezing? I've been cold for about 13 hours today. Really. Today is February! Which means spring really is coming. I'm looking forward to seeing the blooming zillion bulbs I planted in the fall. Last year was our first spring without Rocky & Adrienne, and one of the thousands of points of light they provided in our lives was to keep the deer out of the yard. We didn't realize that they did it; it must have been their scent in the yard as they certainly didn't encounter any deer in person (pretty much only canada geese). Anyway, last spring ALL of our daffodils and tulips were chomped just before the buds opened. This year I am very prepared. The spray container is ready to go, full of the rotten egg & garlic mixture we got at the garden center. It smells so awful that it makes your eyes water, but people can't tell after about 3 days. This is war. What can I say. And no one gets hurt. I really should send a pizza to the neighbors though.

I haven't written much about our pal, Max, yet. He's our beautiful wonderful kitty who we love. He's all gray with golden eyes and a very subtley striped tail, a la racoon. Max is 8 and has been with us for a year. We were lucky enough to get him from Tim's sister, Kelly, whose new puppy was tormenting Max. This is Max's first experience with people who love him and with being the only, and he is just so diggin' all of it. He does like to visit us in the middle of the night, which is his only drawback. Neither of us have the heart to give him the boot, so we just pat him until he's satisfied and falls to sleep. That's him sleeping, not necessarily us.

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Anonymous said...

You need to post a pic of Max since we've never had the pleasure to meet.

Aren't cats so great at disprupting sleep? Our little one, Lucy, just sticks her whiskers in my face whenever she feels like it and purrs very, very loudly. Grrr...