Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Food for Thought

I'm writing this with one eye on the Grammy green carpet show on E!. It's a little dull without Joan Rivers' fashion critique. In fact, I think I'll change channels and promise myself to watch the wrap-up tomorrow. I love that part of award show season. Of course, the Academy Awards are the best, but the Grammy fashion is a lot different and more fun. A lot different?

Tomorrow we are going to help out at Bread of Life, a soup kitchen that our church supports. Our group's slot is the second Thursday every other month. Got that? It took me a moment or two to churn that into something that made sense. In cold weather we make shepherd's pie, which is very busy to prepare and then a lot of downtime while it bakes in the grimy oven. In the summer, its turkey with lettuce & tomato on a bulkie, potato salad and I think coleslaw. Its been over a year since I've been -- thanks to the job from hell of course. I'm really looking forward to going tomorrow. Dinner is served every night, and its always well attended. The guests are not always without homes, but they are definitely without the means to enjoy a meal every night. One well-dressed man arrives daily in his Cadillac, hungry for human contact. Another brings his 4 kids on his way home from work, before they go home to their apartment for the night. I don't know anything about the kids' mother, but you know its not a pretty story. He is a nice person and is good to his kids. Sometimes there are clothes for people to take if they need them. It is always a humbling experience.

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