Saturday, April 07, 2007


So we're hosting Easter tomorrow. I think just my side of the fam, but one never knows who we'll pick up along the way. Last year we invited Ron & Amy from church after the 4pm service. We're not going to church until tomorrow at 9 so its doubtful we'll pick up anyone from there, but you just never know.

The menu? Why let me tell you...

appetizers (TBD) made by my mother (Grace) and my brother Tim's girlfriend, Cindy. Anything Cindy makes will cause all other food items to quiver in humility.

two roast chickens with lemon, onion & thyme made by me
new potatoes
an amazing salad made by my sister, Deirdre. Her salads are always knockouts.
I also made chive butter so anyone can slather whatever they want.

desserts will be provided by Grace and Cindy. I think it will be brown sugar cookies and key lime pie. Sounds good to me.

and of course an Easter basket with jellybeans and coconut Hershey kisses.

Hoppy Easter to all of

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Anonymous said...

That spread sounds yummy!

I hope you guys had a happy Easter. Rose's exciting! Did you put bunny ears on her? :)