Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools

So Ms. Rose has been sick this weekend, and even through the throwing up, the many many many unmentionable diapers and a very runny nose she maintains her good humor. Its really amazing. At what point do we learn to be cranky when we don't feel good? She's definitely not her normal cheery self but she's also nowhere near as crabby as I would be if I had what she has.

Needless to say our laundry has been running quite steadily. Our washing machine belonged to Tim's parents and who knows when they bought has an enormous capacity (yeah!) and just keeps cranking along. I mentioned to Tim today that his parents have definitely got their money's worth on that one. We bought the dryer in 1996 when we got married. How domestic. Its hung in there as well, thankfully. A few repairs/tweaks here and there, but the appliance guy says they're both still fine so we'll keep them. Even though I would love these. In orange.

We went to dinner tonight for my birthday. We've ventured out upon occasion, although mostly to more casual places, not that The Loft was all that fancy. However, we'd never been so it was an adventure on a few levels. It was delish and we had a very nice time. We even had dessert! Poor Rose had an episode shall we say and I had to change her whole outfit. They don't have a baby changing station in the restroom so it was either the floor or the sink counter. I opted for the sink counter and used the fabulous pad that came with her diaper bag so she wasn't lying in someone else's cooties. Then, you guessed it, yet another load of laundry when we got home.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visual. Gemma and I are sitting here in London laughing at poor Rose's expense. See you soon.