Friday, April 20, 2007


The sun has returned and its a beautiful sight to behold. The early spring flowers will be busting out all over this weekend. Reports of Monday reaching 80 degrees. Unthinkable. And then we'll all be complaining about being too hot.

So I've been letting my hair grow for a while and its alllllllllllmost long enough to put in a ponytail or a clip. The front pieces need to get just a teeny bit longer to make it and then I'm in business. That being said, I have two comments about my hair. First, I need bangs. I can't see and lose my depth perception. And although they're long enough to tuck behind my ear, I think I look old. I'm not sure that bangs can help with that, but I can try. Second, I'm now seeing more gray. A lot more gray. Sigh. Poor Rose has an old mother. And Tim's gonna dump me for a younger model. Just like Bridget & Giselle.

I wish you all a very lovely weekend and hope you enjoy spring weather wherever you are. I hope to do a little bit of yard cleanup and to get in a nice walk to two.

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