Wednesday, December 07, 2005

8 Trees

We had 8 trees cut down yesterday. The backyard looks like a whole new place. Unfortunately the tree guy called to say he was coming after I had left for work. I would have like to have seen it all go down, but alas, it was not to be. We've only checked it out by the light of the silvery moon, and it looks pretty cool. I'm anxious for the sun to rise this morning so I can take it all in by day. We knowingly destroyed the chipmunk family's residence and I feel bad about that even though they eat a huge majority of the birdseed we offer to our feathered friends. I hope they find another cozy spot before it snows in earnest. I think the big seersucker hostas and a newly planted conglomeration of daffodils were also eradicated, but you never know. They're tough and may return with well deserved fanfare in the spring.

No breakfast/brunch cookbook cooking yesterday. I won't be home for dinner tonight - stuffing thank-you notes for the National Federation of the Blind's annual fundraising walk - but I think we'll have breakfast for dinner tomorrow night. Actually, cancel that. I have a foodwriting class at BU then so that won't happen either. I think we're looking at breakfast food for breakfast on Saturday. How novel.

Here's the link to the class - it looks pretty interesting. Who would have thought there was so much to learn about writing recipes?


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Anonymous said...

How very cool that you're taking a food writing course! Keep me posted. I expect some very well-written emails about your latest recipes.

BooMo said...

Nice blog you got there.

Good luck with your writing career!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is something that holds my interest. Cooking and baking are the two things that matter most to me (after family of course). I would rather be in the kitchen than anywhere else.

Best of luck with your new career!