Sunday, December 11, 2005

Help, Jane! Stop this crazy thing...

Its been a such a busy couple of days lately...Thursday's foodwriting class was sorta interesting; the instructor was the actual Food Editor for the Boston Globe. I found her a touch weird and a bit impressed with herself. Once I got over that, I did catch some good tidbits from her regarding writing freelance. In fact, my head was bursting with two great ideas at 4am on Saturday and I had to get up and write, write, write. I'm very excited by both pieces, but I really need some uninterrupted zzzzzs....

On Friday we had a big snowstorm which stranded Tim on the wilds of 128 in Peabody for over 2 hours. No traffic movement whatsoever, although he kept busy trudging around and assisting the policeman in assessing the situation. When he finally got home, he snowblowed the driveway and proceeded to haul himself and a snowshovel to the train station to un-igloo my car. So nice! His afternoon made my twenty minute delay in a veritable sardine can unmentionable.

I had to work on Saturday, which after waking up at 4 isn't a whole lot of fun. Actually, even if I woke up at a normal hour it still wouldn't have been a whole lot of fun. We went to some friends for a dinner party, which was a good time and a lot of food. A lot. It was up with the birds again today to go to church and then help orchestrate the going away luncheon for our rector.

I could really use a weekend after my weekend.

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