Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello Again!

Imagine if anyone really read this...they'd be rolling over in shock that I've done the first entry in 4+ last entry was a little whiny so I apologize. Sleep is much better in our house I'm happy to report, and may it only continue to improve! Long live the zzzzzzs. Friggin' teeth & the overnight hungries!!

So, what else have we been up to? That is a very good question and I really don't know the answer. We used to do all these interesting jaunts and hikes and overnights and daytrips and now we play with Rose instead which is great. But wow, so different! Tim is venturing to our nation's capital for a long weekend with his family. Should be fun. Hopefully the weather will be good so he can do a segue tour of the monuments. A highly recommended activity courtesy of my sistah, Libstah. The girls will be having a lovely weekend including a photo shoot at Target followed by a wonderful shopping spree and some family visits.

I am happy to return to the world of the blog and hope to be a bit more present in my little corner of the web.

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Unknown said...

Welcome back! Different is right!